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We offer 4 different courses


Acoustic Guitar

Wave the sound through the air with acoustic notes!


Electric guitar

Hug your passion. Learn with us every trick. Electric guitar made easy!


Classical Guitar

Are you on the classier side of music? Then, this is the perfect course for you!


Country Guitar

Build up every technique that will make you a professional in country guitar.

Is playing guitar your passion?

Choosing the right hobby that suits our preferences can be challenging and not easy!Do you live for the guitar sounds that "tickle" your ears everytime you press the play button? Now, it's the best opportunity for you to do that by yourself. Start playing and sharing emotions through chords and notes.

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Guitar courses

BronoteCourses from which you can choose


  • Acoustic guitar courses
  • Start from the basis

Electric and classical


  • Professional teaching methods
  • Both categories in one course

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More then just a sound, a guitar is a part of your soul.